Access Control

Similar to surveillance cameras, the network has become the highway for intelligent control for access to buildings and facilities. It has become commonplace to integrate surveillance cameras with access control. AlcanTel offers S2 Systems and PCSC as their lead products for access control applications, in keeping with the concept of utilizing IP based products with as much open standard usage as possible.

S2 has greatly simplified access control while the scalability of the product essentially means that there is an S2 fit for every situation. It is affordable as a small system and scales to very large campus or multisite locations, integrates with many video management software platforms and is extremely cost effective as a replacement for existing systems of many different manufacturers.

S2 is right at home in your data rack, currently capable of up to 5,000 portals of access control but uniquely cost effective if your facility simply needs to control a few doors. Our knowledgeable staff can evaluate and advise you as to be best solution for your needs.

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PCSC is designed for larger deployments, distributed or campus type applications. PCSC is a robust access control system with capabilities that include: door entry access, video badging, alarm graphics, pipeline and underwater detection systems. PCSC includes a wide variety of wired and wireless intelligent controllers, Fault Tolerant systems and multiple access reader type technologies to choose from. Well known brands such as Honeywell and Mosler, were for many years, OEM products manufactured by PCSC.


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