Service & Maintenance

As a full-service Interconnect Company, AlcanTel provides maintenance and repair services for many types and brands of telephone equipment and accessories. As an AlcanTel customer, you are provided with many advantages:

  • 24-Hour emergency service – AlcanTel is available 24-hours, 7 days a week.

  • Telephone System Consulting – We will always inquire how you use your telephone system and advise you when it makes sense to upgrade, providing you with adequate information to make informed decisions that make economic sense for you.

  • System Engineering – As a full-service Interconnect Company, our vast range of capabilities from providing telephone equipment to certified cable installation provides us the ability to fully integrate all of your telecommunications. Utilizing our extensive abilities in the electrical industry, as Alcan Electrical & Engineering, only serves to add more resources to the list that we make available to our customers.

  • System Testing – Utilizing high-tech equipment, we are able to test your existing cable whether copper, fiber optic or any voltage of power, we can track down the source of problems. Or, if we are installing new cable in your facility, we will always provide testing to assure the quality of the installation that we provide.

  • Premier Service Agreement – For our customers that want the financial stability of knowing their maintenance expenses in advance, AlcanTel offers a special package that guarantees telephone equipment service for a fixed monthly rate at a cost that is dependent upon the size of the system.

Our Request for Service Work form makes it easy to electronically request service work for your telephone system.  Or please call (907) 786-9100 for additional information or for making a service request.