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 AlcanTel represents several unified communications systems. Our manufacturer trained and certified staff will assess your unique business environment and recommend a solution that best fits your needs and budget. Through careful listening, we work with you to demonstrate ways a unified communication solution can enhance productivity and improve your bottom line. Whether your business is small or large, we have a telephone system that will help you make your business more efficient. Some of the ways that we can make that happen:

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Unified Communications, sometimes oversimplified with VoIP as a label, is the integration of voice into the data network. Depending on your business needs, there can be many cost efficiencies that can be derived from integrating voice communications into the data network. By unifying voice and data into singular management tools, many of AlcanTel’s customers have experienced significant productivity gains. VoIP has become a very widely used term, frequency associated with cost effective long distance communications. Virtually, all the manufacturers we represent provide a VoIP capability. We find that an important part of selecting a phone system is keeping it simple to operate. Our staff can review your communication needs and advise whether NEC, ShoreTel or Avaya communication systems best suit your needs.

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Selecting an IP phone system is now a process of selecting features that enhance your productivity at a cost that makes sense for your business. With our various lines of accessories, we can provide products tailored to your individual needs. Whether your business is small or large, we have a telephone system that will help you make your business more efficient. Some of the ways that we can make that happen: logo_nec Todays distributed workforce demands robust and flexible voice and video conferencing.  AlcanTel has partnered with Polycom to deliver video collaboration solutions. Polycom offers both the best in integration capability and provides the widest range of video conferencing options.  From single teleworkers operating from simple desktops to large conference rooms and multi-party bridges, the video options AlcanTel is able to integrate into ShoreTel and Avaya VoIP system with Polycom  are all encompassing.  Polycom complements our VoIP systems with a native SIP integration, allowing delivery of a complete and user-friendly system.  Supplanting expensive travel with productivity gains provides a great business case for utilizing these advanced video conferencing features.


Digital Programmable Phones – Perfect for the small business, we can provide a phone system that will easily perform all the features that are essential in today’s business environment plus these systems will easily migrate with expandable cabinets so that as your business grows your phone system can grow to meet this need. In addition, our staff will tailor fit your phone system to address your individual needs and best of all, we are only a phone call away if you need additional help with your phones.

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) and Hybrid Telephone Systems – We offer both pure VoIP (ShoreTel) and hybrid (AVAYA and NEC) telephone systems. This wide range of solutions allows us to offer the best solution to fit your current needs. We deploy pure VoIP only where it makes sense and recommend hybrid solutions to allow our customers to enjoy many of the benefits of VoIP without the costly infrastructure upgrades of a pure VoIP solution.

  • Voice Mail – Voice Mail is an essential component of phone systems today. Perhaps you would like to receive your voice mail just like you receive your email. Perhaps you would like to receive voice mail on your cell phone. This is just one way of increasing efficiency in your business.

  • Conferencing Equipment – Do you gather around a conference table to participate in a conference call and spend time fumbling with the only phone in the room? If so, we have the perfect solution for you, a Conferencing Unit that is multi-directional providing exceptional audio and control.

  • T-1 Digital Phone Lines – Do you feel like you are paying for too much for your phone lines? That may be the case. Our phone systems can be equipped with a T-1 interface, reducing your utility costs significantly if you are currently paying for eight or more telephone lines. Give us a call and we will help you evaluate whether this makes sense for you.

  • Caller Identification – A service provided by the phone company but transferred through our phone switches right to each desk top throughout your office. This feature opens the door for you to operate more efficiently and utilize the many additional features we have available for your telephone system.

  • Terminal Systems – We have the capability of proving something as simple as cordless phones or another feature almost as simple; extending all of the capabilities of your telephone system to remote office locations. Customers can call into your main office and be transferred clear across town just as simply as being transferred to the next desk in the same room.

  • Wireless – For the business where employees do not sit at a desk all day, we provide wireless phones. Looking much like a cell phone, the wireless phone is designed to replace beepers, radios or paging and provides the advantage of being fully integrated into your phone system.

  • Computer Telephony Interface – Commonly known as “screen pops” you phone system can be featured to trigger your computer to pop all of the specific information about a customer’s account in response to an incoming call from that customer.

  • Unified Messaging – Your phone can be equipped with the ability to route all of your voice mail and fax messages to your computer so that you see these two sources of messages right along with your email allowing you to be more organized and efficient.

  • Call Accounting – An accessory that is utilized extensively in the hotel industry, and this feature provides you the ability to track phone calls for billing purposes or any other reason that might be necessary.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – For businesses with high quantities of incoming calls, ACD is essential to maintaining organization for both your employees and customers alike. ACD monitors your voice traffic and routes incoming calls according to the parameters that you dictate, enhancing your responsiveness to your customers while at the same time maximizing the productivity of your employees.

  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – Providing the ability to minimize the cost of long distance calling, placing your voice traffic on the same dedicated service as your data traffic between remote offices can be a very cost effective way of doing business. Our telephone systems designed for both small and large businesses accomplish this task while providing you many additional features.

  • Video Conferencing – A feature of our most advanced NEC PBX, we have the ability to provide your business with Video Conference Calling when the audio conference call just isn’t enough.

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