Wireless Networks

Wireless has become a standard extension of the building network. The basic IEEE 802.11 protocol is a rapidly evolving standard, utilizing many new techniques to provide users greater throughput. AlcanTel is your best source for determining a wireless solution to meet your needs.

AlcanTel provides the following

  • WAP – Wireless Access Point – The WAP bridges access to the wired network. AlcanTel provides wireless access points(WAP’s) manufactured by TE Connect, Ruckus, Firetide and Avaya that are equipped with the latest protocols. There are many WAP’s available and with the protocols being updated, AlcanTel is in a position to ensure their customers have access to the protocol best suited for their needs.

  • DAS – Distributed Antenna System – A low power efficient wireless solution for meeting a variety of requirements, including extending cellular coverage to difficult to reach building interiors. TE Connect is the leader in the industry with their low power DAS, with such features as mitigating interference with medical mobility equipment.

  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-MultPoint – Point to Point and Point to Multi-point, primarily used for exterior applications, AlcanTel has the experience to provide the most optimum solution.

Indeed, wireless is another area of the network that presents many options. AlcanTel’s knowledgeable staff can help guide the most suitable solution for your wireless needs.

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